$10,000 High Hand Weekly Leaderboard

How does it sounds to you to compete for additional $10,000 each week? Just by playing your favorite cash games. Yeah yeah, we know you would love to. Continue reading and learn how to!

This promotion rewards the best 100 players at No Limit Texas Hold’em tables! By best, we mean those who will generate most points for their “High Hands” throughout the week!

Points Breakdown

Hand RankingPoints for WinPoints for a Loss
Royal Flush1000 
Straight Flush100150
Four of a kind2540
Full House1525
Three of a kind57
Two pair15

By playing at higher stakes, you’ll earn points at faster pace. See the table below:

High$2/$5 – $5/$10x2
Medium$0.5/$1 – $1/$2x1.5
Low$0.05/$0.10 – $0.25/$50         x1

The contest starts each Monday at 00:00ET and finishes at Sundays at 23:59ET. The prizes are as follows:

5th      $250
6th – 10th$175
11th – 20th$125
21st – 30th$100
31st – 40th$75
41st – 50th$50
51st – 75th$30
76th – 100th    $15

You can track your progress by clicking in the “My Missions” tab, where you’ll be able to see all active leaderboards. Those of you that play from a mobile device should tap on the “crown” icon on the home lobby or by selecting the menu in any window (located at the top left-hand corner).


You must Opt-in in the “My Missions” tab if you want to participate in this promotion.

You must reach the flop in order to generate points. The hands don’t have to reach showdown to earn points. You’ll get points even if you have a qualifying hand and every other player folds to your bet.

Minimum players per table is 3 in order for a hand to be qualified as a high hand.

Any 5-card combination count as long as the player has won the hand (on any street) or goes to showdown and loses the hand (i.e. players do not need to use their hole cards).

Fast fold tables aka Boost do not qualify for this offer.

Just imagine, if you manage to finish first in every weekly leaderboard (which is 4) you’ll win a total of $8,000 from this offer only! Don’t waste your time and start grinding like a pro!

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